All puppies are raised in my home and socialized.     
Puppy testing is done to assist in matching puppies with owners.

Application For A Puppy


Bio-Sensor Super Dog Stimulation


Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test


Grooming Your New Puppy


Mail Order Pet Supplies


Chew Toys and Bones


Christmas Cotton Balls


Blue Power Ear Treatment


Flea & Heartworm Protection


Dog Funnies



PLEASE NOTE: There is no such thing as a  'Royal' or 'Giant' Standard Poodle or 'Dwarf'  Standard Poodle.   These terms used as marketing gimmicks to imply that your puppy will grow extra large or be smaller than average.    The breed standard states that a Standard Poodle is any Poodle that is over 15" when measured at the shoulder.   I breed to the approved breed standard set out by the Poodle Club of America and approved by the A.K.C. 

The average size of a Standard Poodle is around 21 to 26 inches, with the females leaning towards the lower end of the height range.   

 There is no way to guarantee the growth pattern of a dog.



We have no puppies at the present time. 

I primarily breed for myself first,  and I do not feel the

 need to add anything new to my family at the moment.


Please check back later in the year for updates

on possible future breedings.



All pet/companion puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration.   











Click here for info on Susan Fleisher's Cricket,  a beautiful service dog and beloved companion




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