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Is the Poodle right for you?

NO Dog should ever be an impulse purchase

Purchasing a dog  SHOULD NOT  be done on a whim.    Careful research into the breed needs to be done before adding any dog to your family, regardless of the breed.    Avoid making a decision based on emotions or pressure from family and friends.    A healthy, well-bred Poodle can have a life expectancy of 12 years or more.  It is, therefore,  extremely important that you purchase the right dog that will fit your needs, and family.   Not just today, but for all your tomorrows as well.


Advantages of a well-bred, properly raised Standard Poodle can be:


Adaptable and trainable

People oriented


Wonderful disposition

Strong, hardy breed

Variety of colors to choose from


Disadvantages of a Standard Poodle can be:

Requires grooming on a regular basis

Emotionally dependent on PEOPLE and due to their coat care, are not suited for living outdoors.

Will spoil you from ever wanting any other breed


A good breeder works at breeding to the Breed Standard, and only incorporates dogs in the breeding program that possess the intelligence, temperament and health that are present in quality Poodles.

Responsible dog ownership requires time and dedication to your pet.   You may purchase a quality bred poodle that possesses many of the desirable traits of the Standard Poodle, but it is your responsibility to work with your pet to nurture these traits and work with your dog so that it grows into the perfect pet for you and your family.



There are hereditary health problems in ALL breeds of dogs.

Below are some of the more common hereditary health problems in the Standard Poodle.   These health issues are not unique to Standard poodles, many other breeds and even mixed breeds may develop these problems.    However, as a responsible Poodle owner, you should be aware of these issues.   Given the proper care, I believe that many more Poodles live long, healthy lives than don't.


Hip Dysplasia

PRA (progressive retinal atrophy)


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Gastric torsion/bloat

von Willebrand's Disease

Sebaceous Adenitis (skin disorder)

Addison's Disease

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia





Even when breeding dogs that have been tested and found clear of specific hereditary health problems, there is no 100%  guarantee that the puppy will not develop one of these problems.    Buying a puppy from a breeder who tests breeding stock increases your chances of getting a healthy puppy.    It is your responsibility to provide a healthy, safe environment to raise your puppy.   This includes high quality food and proper medical care.



Before breeding your poodle or purchasing a new poodle, 

PLEASE check out the

Poodle Health Registry

If you have a poodle with health problems,  PLEASE REGISTER your poodle in the Poodle Health Registry, so that the information may be available to other breeders who are trying to breed away from health problems.




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